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We Clean & Fix Chimneys To Keep Your Home Sturdy & Safe

We handle everything from camera inspections and maintenance to full chimney rebuilds. The team that puts your experience first!

A Chimney SHouldn't be overlooked

we can help with that!

You work hard to maintain your property, so using a chimney service that doesn’t check all the boxes is like throwing away money. We don’t dabble in home repairs- Top Hat Chimney Sweeps are chimney experts!

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that chimneys be inspected annually and cleaned as needed. Regular maintenance lowers the risk of fires and allows for early detection of failing conditions leading to expensive water penetration damage and structural collapse.

BEFORE a Top Hat Chimney Sweep:

After a Top Hat Chimney Sweep:

Why We're Different

Best Customer Service
Family Owned & Operated
Certified Pros
30+ Years Experience
Top Industry Tech
We Put you First!

Our Customers Do the Talking

Your Peace of Mind, our Profession!

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Proudly Serving Central Texas Since 1988