Plants to Naturally Clean the Air in Your Home

The quality of the air we breathe is important to health. Obvious truth? Sure.

But how do we know if the air in our homes is clean? Other than allergies flaring up and telling us otherwise, there is no real way to know, but there are ways to ensure that the air is clean–even if we can’t see it, smell it or feel it. Plants natural air cleaners Buying an air ionic air cleaner is one great way to clear the air.

Another is to have live plants in the house.

How many and what kinds of plants? The Foliage for Clean Air Council suggests that one potted plant per 100 square feet of floor space can effectively remove pollutants from the air. There are also specific plants that clean specific pollutants. Plants natural air cleaners. One very common pollutant is formaldehyde, as it is found in just about every household item.

Here are some examples of items containing formaldehyde along with the antidote plants:

  • Foam insulation (mostly in older homes)– chrysanthemum
  • Plywood — azalea
  • Particle board — dieffenbachia
  • Carpeting — philodendron
  • Furniture– spider plant
  • Clothes — golden pothos
  • Paper goods — bamboo palm
  • Household cleaners — corn plant
  • Water repellents — mother-in-law tongue
  • Synthetic fibers — chrysanthemum
  • Plastics — Gerbera daisy
  • Tobacco smoke — peace lily
  • Detergents — English ivy

Circulating the air via a fan, open window or air conditioner helps get these toxins moving so the plants can absorb them. So buying a few plants can kill two birds at one time. They decorate the house and clean the air at the same time.

(Source: Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, Scripps Howard News Service) 

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