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When it comes to fun for all ages, Livermore, California, is a treasure trove of history and modern delights. Established in 1869, Livermore stands as California’s oldest wine region, with sprawling vineyards, exceptional wineries, and picturesque farm lands that pay homage to its rich western heritage. And nestled within the green hills near Doolan Canyon Regional Preserve is Boomers Park, the peak of Livermore’s family-friendly attractions.

Get ready to embark on a journey of excitement and laughter at Boomers Park, where bumper boats, mini golf, lazer tag, go karts, and an action-packed arcade invite you to create new, unforgettable moments. From the valley’s winemaking legacy to the thrills of Boomers Park, your travels to Livermore promise a blend of history, fun, and new memories waiting to be made.