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Barton Springs Municipal Pool in Austin, TX

Nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas, lies a natural treasure that locals and visitors have cherished for decades – Barton Springs Municipal Pool. This three-acre pool, fed by underground springs, maintains a consistent temperature of around 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, making it an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxation. Learn more about a nearby local attraction if you are in the area.

The history of Barton Springs Pool dates back to the Native American tribes that once inhabited the area. They considered the springs sacred and used them for purification rituals. European settlers discovered the springs in the early 1800s, and their popularity as a recreational spot grew over time.

In 1917, the city of Austin purchased the land surrounding the springs, and construction of the Barton Springs Municipal Pool began in 1929. Completed in 1947, the pool has since become a treasured landmark of the city.

The crystal-clear waters of the pool are home to a diverse ecosystem, including the endangered Barton Springs Salamander. The pool is surrounded by lush greenery, providing a tranquil atmosphere where visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The pool complex features various areas, such as a shallow end for children, a deep end for experienced swimmers and divers, a diving board, natural rock formations, and grassy areas perfect for picnicking or soaking up the sun.

Barton Springs Pool offers a range of activities and events throughout the year, catering to people of all ages. Swimming lessons, water aerobics classes, and lifeguard training courses are just a few of the offerings available. The pool is also a popular venue for community events, such as movie nights, live music performances, and environmental education programs.

Visitors to Barton Springs Pool can enjoy more than just swimming. The surrounding Zilker Park offers a wealth of recreational opportunities, including hiking and biking trails, sports fields, a botanical garden, and the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum. Please visit if you are looking for a chimney sweep expert in the area

Barton Springs Municipal Pool is open year-round, with lifeguards on duty during operating hours. There is a small entrance fee for visitors, but discounts are available for seniors, children, and local residents. Season passes and group rates are also offered. The pool occasionally closes for maintenance or due to weather conditions, so it is recommended to check the pool’s status before planning your visit.

Experience the natural beauty, rich history, and recreational opportunities that Barton Springs Municipal Pool has to offer. This Austin oasis is waiting for you to dive in and create unforgettable memories.

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