Eyes peeking out through the blinds

What’s Hiding in Your Home?

Even if your house looks spick and span, there are at least three places where smelly or dangerous dirt and debris can hide in your home. That’s your chimney, your dryer vent system, and your air ducts. Buildup in your

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Beady-eyed rat

Rats in Your Toilet?

Sewer rats prove to be clever, hardy creatures that can pop up in unexpected places…but RATS in your toilet? Yes– it does happen! Thankfully it is rare, but here’s what to do if you find a rat in your toilet.

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Clean and Well-Organized Home

DIY Storage Ideas for Home Organization

Want a great DIY storage idea? Check out this Wood Rolling Storage Cart! Enjoy DIY? Have fun with it, but leave chimney repairs to the pros at TOP HAT. We’ve been taking care of chimney cleaning, inspections and repairs for

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Couple kissing their baby

5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Baby

Check out these DIY decorating ideas to create your dream nursery! And to complete the transformation, remember to get your air ducts cleaned. Oh, the things that are hiding in them.–dust, dirt, dander, pet hair, mites, mold and mildew! Not only

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Hand Placing Coins in Piggy Bank

Invest in Your Family’s Health and Safety

Proper care and maintenance for your home’s ventilation systems (including the chimney, dryer vent, and air ducts) keeps your family healthy and safe. Q: How often should I have my chimney swept? Here at Top Hat, we follow the guidelines

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Girl Using Tissue to Blow Nose

How to Remove Air Pollutants In Your Home

The air ducts and vents in your home are like your house’s respiratory system. Every once in a while, it’s recommended to have your air vents professionally cleaned to remove buildup of dust and allergens that otherwise, your family would

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