Scam Warning: Company Warns of Low Duct Price Scam

Utah – Feb 8, 2017

The owner of All Clean Air Duct Cleaning in Northern Utah recently warned consumers of contractors who charge ridiculously low prices for air duct cleaning. These are probably scam deals for duct cleaning services that take less than one hour and cost only $100. This is no better than an inexperienced homeowner who uses the vacuum cleaner to clean the system.

The owner of All Clean Air Duct Cleaning, Darryl Olsen, tells his customers to beware of these dishonest persons whose only goal is to get money from unsuspecting residents. “Homeowners need to know that it will take more than an hour to finish this kind of specialized job and $100 is by no means the price for this,” he clarified.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) advised consumers to stay away from incompetent or bogus contractors who are not capable of doing the work well. This will be unfavorable to the duct system in the long-term and make it more expensive to fix the problem.

Mr. Olsen gave some tips in avoiding duct cleaning rip-offs. Scams in duct cleaning are no different from other forms of deception. People are victimized by ploys which are too good to be legitimate. There is no such thing as discounts or coupons because quality service will always have higher costs. Duct Cleaning Company. 

All Clean Air Duct Cleaning technicians recommend to customers that proper duct cleaning will help minimize the hazards caused by air pollution indoors. This is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as one of the most serious threats to the environment. Hiring contractors of good reputation to clean air ducts at least once every year is worth the money spent. The only problem is there are many scammers who give the legit service providers a bad name.

Unscrupulous contractors will try to hide charges in their proposals. Check the fine print carefully before signing contracts. Otherwise, the homeowner will end up paying for more in exchange for sloppy work.

Unlike genuine contractors, the fake ones cannot answer questions from customers or give out correct technical information to clients. Representatives from lawful companies are capable of replying to queries especially when it comes to the cleaning process. Reliable duct cleaning firms possess the proper equipment that allows them to accomplish their tasks properly. On the other hand, scam artists use inferior tools when they go to the homes of unwary customers. Take a good look at the contractor’s equipment in advance.

Households must not believe tall tales like duct cleaning emergencies. Bogus technicians will concoct stories just to scare homeowners about emergency scenarios which are not true.The reputable duct cleaning providers own websites so they can describe their companies, services and other offers for customers. Lack of web presence is an indication that the contractor may be a scammer.

Go through online reviews to get an idea of companies which have been blacklisted or those with negative remarks.

Mr. Olsen keeps on reminding households that company representatives and technician-cleaners must show utmost professionalism and patience in dealing with customers. It is important for homeowners to study the behavior of these persons. An unprofessional manner usually implies that something is not right about the contractor. “Cleaning contractors must be able to give a credible and technical presentation. They have to answer questions from homeowners politely and correctly,” he emphasized. Crooks do not have the capacity to do what accredited cleaners can do.

All Clean Air Duct Cleaning believes it is not correct to use shortcuts in air duct maintenance works. Once again, households must refrain from acquiring the services of contractors just because the fees they charge are very low. Get the service at the price which is fair to both parties. This is the best way to avoid being victimized by unprincipled individuals who want to extort the hard-earned money of honest people.

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