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Top Hat Chimney Sweeps is the go-to Austin Fireplace Repair company. With expertise in fireplace repairs, chimney cleaning, and chimney maintenance for residential and commercial properties. We  deliver exceptional services that exceed your expectations. Our professionals are certified to prioritize your safety and deliver the highest quality of service for your chimney.

A fireplace is a crucial part of any home and provides warmth, comfort, and ambiance. Even so, it is essential to routinely maintain and repair your fireplace for safety and performance reasons. Regardless of the type of fireplace you own – wood-burning, gas or electric – Austin, TX homeowners may require one (or more) of these common repair services.

Types of Fireplace Repairs

Chimney Cleaning

Ignoring a dirty chimney can be an open invitation for disaster, as it poses a major fire risk and decreases the efficiency of your fireplace. Regular chimney cleanings are critical for eliminating the accumulation of soot, creosote, and any other debris that may form overtime. At Austin Fireplace Repair, we provide top-notch chimney cleaning services to keep your fireplace working safely and efficiently. Our expert technicians are on hand to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience when using your fireplace. Trust us for all of your chimney maintenance needs!

Fireplace RepairChimney Relining

The correct installation of a chimney liner is paramount for the safe and efficient running of your fireplace. If your chimney liner has been damaged, it can be a substantial risk to your family as hazardous gases like carbon monoxide might seep into the house. Austin Fireplace Repair provides excellent chimney relining services to ensure the standards of your fireplace. Our certified technicians will guarantee your liner is in optimal condition, so you can use it with complete peace of mind. Let us come to the rescue and take care of all your chimney and fire requirements so you can go back to enjoying those blissful winter evenings!


Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are an absolute must-have to guard against rain, debris, and other elements from infiltrating your chimney.When your chimney cap is missing or damaged, rain and other foreign objects can enter the chimney. This not only causes damage to it but also renders unsafe for use – meaning you should consider replacing it as soon as possible! Chimney cap installation and repairs are to ensure that your chimney is protected.

Firebox Repair

The firebox is the section of a fireplace where flames are ignited, crackling and providing cozy warmth in any living space. Over the course of time, exposure to heat, soot and ash may cause damage to your firebox. Firebox repair services help restore the structural integrity of your fireplace.

Damper Repair

Located in your chimney, the damper is a metal flap which can be opened and closed to facilitate smoke dispersal from your fireplace. If your damper is malfunctioning or stuck, it can significantly inhibit the performance of your fireplace.

Gas Log Replacement

Gas fireplaces use logs that are specially designed to simulate a wood-burning fire. Over time, these gas logs can become damaged or break. Gas log repair and replacement services help restore the look and function of your gas fireplace.

Top Hat Chimney Sweeps – The Experts in Austin Fireplace Repair

Top Hat Chimney Sweeps is an experienced chimney and fireplace company in Austin, TX, that offers a wide range of fireplace repair services. Our team of experts, boasting over two decades of industry knowledge and experience, is committed to making sure your fireplace runs with utmost safety and efficiency. Top Hat Chimney Sweeps can take care of your every need – from chimney cleaning and relining, to gas log repair and firebox repair. We are here for you with quality service at competitive rates, so don’t hesitate to contact us when you have any chimney-related needs! Contact Top Hat Chimney Sweeps today to schedule your fireplace repairs in Austin, TX.

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