🍂 The Ultimate Fall Checklist: Get Your Home Ready for Cold Weather

Start getting your home ready for Winter this Fall with our handy checklist of essentials to ensure comfort, energy efficiency, and safety during the colder months.

1. Prepare Your Fireplace and Chimney:

The National Fire Protection Association recommends having your chimney inspected on a yearly basis for maximum efficiency and safety. Chimneys can build up dangerous creosote, crack , and undergo general wear and tear with use and over time. 

2. Check and Maintain Your Heating System:

Wood burning fireplace

3. Seal Gaps and Insulate:

Very simple measures can keep your warm air inside where it belongs. This not only keeps you cozy- it also can cut down on your energy costs throughout the colder months!

4. Prepare for Power Outgages:

5. Winterize Your Plumbing

6. Stock up on Firewood

Proper firewood. Only use dry wood that has been split and seasoned outdoors for 6 months to 1 year. 

7. Test Your Smoke Detectors

Any time you are burning a fire or using heaters in your home, you should ensure to have proper fire safety measures in place. One measure in having working smoke detectors installed on the ceiling of your home. 

8. Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

CO is a major concern when burning fires in the home. It is virtually odorless and unnoticeable unless you have the right equipment installed, and is the primary chemical that comes from burning wood and having chimney soot. Do not be caught off guard!

9. Add a Fire Extinguisher

Accidents happen to everyone. Maybe the fire burned too hot or too big, or perhaps a log tumbled down onto the floor due to a door not being shut properly. In cases like these, be prepared to deal with the situation by having a fire extinguisher nearby to avert a crisis.

Ready to Get Cozy?

Winter fire burning can be a tremendously enjoyable part of the season. Follow this guide and you will be well on your way to preparing your chimney and fireplace for winter. For those in the greater Austin, Texas area, Top Hat Chimney Sweeps is your trusted partner in chimney safety and maintenance, ensuring your winter fires are both enjoyable and safe.
Call us to Schedule Chimney care and discuss Winterizing your home:

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